The Post Black Book Launch in Chicago was wildly successful. Nearly 200 people trekked through Thursday’s freezing temperatures and snowstorm to attend the Post Black Book Launch at Plush in Chicago last Thursday. Despite an 11th hour venue change (the scheduled venue refused to open and notified organizers a little over an hour before the affair began), the team of supporters and organizers launched a massive viral campaign, turning to blackberries, tweets, Facebook and emails to drive attendees to the new venue. The event began promptly at 6pm at Plush in Chicago’s West Loop.

    Susan Betz, editor for Chicago Review Press which published Post Black: How A New Generation is Redefining African American Identity by Ytasha L. Womack said had never seen a book event stir such excitement. The enthusiastic supporters, the viral rerouting, the tasteful decor, the high volume of book sales and the size of the crowd were all a testament to the innovation in Post Black The event which embodied the Post Black theme featured futuristic art videos, theme pillows and teaser books all styled by Erika Jones of A Social Life. According to Betz, the Post Black Book Launch set a “new bar” for book events.

    The event was attended by an ecletic mix of young professionals including writers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, ministers, and other business leaders.

    “I was amazed by the turnout and the number of young African American professionals that turned out to the event. In light of the weather and circumstances, I was amazed to see that so many people wanted to share in the experience. As as people looked at the quotes and art on the screens to quotes in the book it just made everyone so excited,” said Vikki Ewing, a banker who was also featured in the book.

     Womack was equally touched by the crowds sentiment and credited the books success to the audience. “Whenever I talk about Post Black I always use the word ‘we.’ While I wrote this book myself, this book is a reflection of your life’s work, passion and drive.”

    The Post Black Book Launch was sponsored by Blackbook.com.

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